Research & Development

Research and development are a core objective of NSW Wine to assist the industry in addressing opportunities and challenges that arise, as well guiding its growth and direction.

NSW Wine facilitates an innovation forum annually for industry to identify its key areas of priority that can be addressed by research and development.

The focus and outcomes of the forum include;

  • Guide future research, development, extension and adoption in the NSW wine industry
  • Stimulate partnerships across industry, research and government, and inform funding decisions
  • To document the priorities of the NSW wine industry
  • Drive renewed industry involvement in research, development and adoption
  • Maintain NSW as a leading state for wine industry research
  • Create an innovative environment within the NSW wine industry
  • Provide NSW Wine with the ability to quickly respond to research opportunities and funding announcements

The primary output from the innovation forum are a series of project proposals for applied research that will drive outcomes and impacts across the NSW wine industry encapsulated in the annual NSW Wine Industry RDE&A Prospectus.

The three focus areas for the 2021/22 RDE&A Prospectus are biosecurity, renewal and sustainability.

NSW Wine Industry Partners