AgSkilled 2.0 Training Program

Through the NSW Government approved AgSkilled 2.0 Training Program, a number of courses for people working in the Wine Industry (classified as 'Viticulture' for these courses) will be made available free-of-charge to eligible NSW wine industry producers and employees over the next 3 years.

The NSW AgSkilled program aims to increase industry workforce skill levels, retain a skilled workforce and attract new industry entrants to underpin the growth of the NSW wine industry. The funded training for NSW wine is a unique opportunity for our industry members to update, re-skill or undertake new training, so we are all fit for the exciting future of NSW wine.

We encourage you to apply for these courses as they provide essential skills and training to you and your workforce. There are a broad range of fully funded courses available online through the AgSkilled Website and also through one of the main training providers TOCAL College website.

The courses are run in region and tailored to suit each industry. Some of the upcoming courses relevant to the NSW wine industry include;

Grapevine Integrated Pest & Disease Management 

Looking to develop or refresh your skills in grapevine pest and disease management?  You are invited to participate in an interactive, thought-provoking course for wine industry personnel who want to better understand integrated grapevine pest and disease management.

Click HERE to get further information and register.

Drones in Agriculture 

Designed by farmers for farmers and delivered by highly experienced drone operator Ben Watts, this course will teach you how to use drones to collect data to help make informed decisions such as refined fertiliser, and weed management plans and monitoring and maximising the efficiency of farm water systems.

Click HERE to get further information and register.

Corporate Governance

This course is for agricultural industries personnel in NSW who want to contribute to their industry and community committees, organisations and boards and will focus on how to effectively manage meetings, organising the minutes and reporting meeting outcomes. There will also be a focus on the roles, responsibilities and behavioural protocols required of people working within organisational structures as well as considerations when entering and managing contracts for funding or staff, stakeholder engagement, risk and monitoring performance.

Click HERE to get further information and register.

AgSkilled is an initiative supported by the NSW Government

For a full calendar list of all upcoming courses click HERE

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