Graham Gregory Award

The prestigious Graham Gregory Award, is the top citation acknowledging an individual's outstanding contribution to the NSW wine industry. Winegrowers, winemakers, and others involved in the wine industry such as researchers, educators, leaders and innovators are encouraged to apply.

Please note that the award is retrospective recognising service for the previous year. Nominations for the 2020 Graham Gregory Award will open in 2021.

This award is named after former NSW Agriculture Deputy Director General Graham Gregory, who was instrumental in the development of the NSW wine industry, and recognises areas such as leadership, research and development, winemaking, education and market development.

The 2020 Graham Gregory Award is open for nominations.

Do you know someone worthy of this Award? 

Make sure you nominate them today. Nominations close at 5:00pm on 29 November 2021.

Nominations via the NSW DPI website CLICK HERE

Purpose of the award

Recognition by peers of an individual for honourable contributions benefiting the NSW wine industry generally. These contributions will be in one or more of the following fields and/or in any other field which advances the NSW wine industry:

  • Leadership
  • Technology and innovation
  • Research and development
  • Industry regulation
  • Winemaking and viticulture
  • Enhancing regional and/or state profile
  • Education and training
  • Market development
  • Environmental footprint.

Eligibility for the award

Do you know a member of the NSW wine industry that meets each of the following requirements?

  • Nominees must be a resident of NSW
  • They must have recognised contributions in terms of the purpose of the award (see criteria above)
  • Each nomination must demonstrate specific contributions that have progressed the NSW wine industry
  • Nominees must be known for their contributions to the NSW wine industry by industry peers.
  • Nominations must address the above criteria and include details of achievements, previous awards and/or industry recognition, and industry participation.

Making a nomination

Nominations are placed through the NSW DPI website - HERE.

Nomination forms must address the above criteria and include details of achievements, previous awards and/or industry recognition, and industry participation.

Winner of the 2019 Graham Gregory Award

Justin Jarrett, Owner and winemaker of See Saw Wines in Orange NSW,  has been announced as the 2019 Graham Gregory Award winner.

Justin has had an amazing career within the wine industry, spanning more than 25 years during which he has planted vineyards all over NSW, pioneered new technology, innovations and sustainable wine practices, as well as participating in many industry associations. Whilst he has built a great wine business for himself he has also established a wonderful place for others to work and over the years has helped bring so many young people into the wine industry. He has constantly given his time and energy to mentor people who are just starting their own wine journey.

Congratulations to Justin Jarrett, the 2019 Graham Gregory Award winner.



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