AWRI Spring Webinars

AWRI Spring Webinars

Registrations are now open for the next series of the AWRI’s 2021 webinar program. Starting on Thursday 2 September, each webinar will include a presentation, (where appropriate) a practitioner to provide real-life examples and an opportunity for audience members to ask questions.  

All webinars are free to attend but do require pre-registration.

Sessions are held on Thursdays at 12 noon.

02 September - Non-chemical weed control with Chris Penfold, Dr Thomas Lines, Robyn Dixon

09 September - Smoke testing - what do labs actually measure and new ways to speed it up with Neil Scrimgeour and Dr Eric Wilkes 

16 September - Organic and sustainable production with Liz Pitcher 

23 September - Building soil carbon in vineyards with Dr Mark Farrell, Prof. Tim Cavagnaro, Joseph Marks

7 October - Extending the shelf life of canned wines with Neil Scrimgeour