Regional Wine Fund - MoU

NSW Regional Wine Industry Fund 2022/2023

The NSW Regional Wine Industry Fund forms part of a Memorandum of Understanding between the NSW Wine Industry Association and the NSW Government. The MOU was established to fund and promote projects that create sustainable growth in the NSW wine industry. For 2021/22 the fund successfully focussed on three objectives:

  1. Increasing employment in the wine industry in regional NSW
  2. Increasing tourism to regional NSW cellar doors, and
  3. Increasing on and off-premise sales and listings of NSW wines in Greater Sydney

For 2022/23, funding will awarded to projects that “increase on and off-premise sales and listings of NSW wines in Greater Sydney” and for associations delivering ‘Visiting trade/somm’ programs to NSW wine regions.

This funding is aimed at regional associations so they can help multiple producers within their regions. If you are a single producer interested in participating, please contact your regional association.

Click here to download a template for a ‘Visiting trade/somm’ program. 


Program Summary

Funding objectives

  • Increase on and off-premise sales and listings of NSW wines in Greater Sydney


  • NSW regional wine industry associations and organisations
  • Where a regional wine industry representative organisation does not exist, a consortium of NSW wine businesses demonstrating benefit across a region

Examples of eligible activities and costs

  • Regional activities with Greater Sydney restaurants/hoteliers to increase on/off-premise listings in Greater Sydney

Examples of ineligible activities and costs

  • Events or programs based in Greater Sydney
  • Events aimed at a single business or businesses unable to demonstrate a broad impact
  • Training courses and mentoring programs
  • Salaries and wages including normal business administration or operating costs of an organisation or consortium of businesses
  • Permanent infrastructure costs
  • Development costs for new or existing product or experiences

Reporting and Key Performance Indicators

  • 3, 6 and 12-month reports on any increase to NSW wines listed on-premise


  • Applications open now
  • Applications assessed ongoing until March 6th 2023
  • Grants awarded by March 27th 2023
  • Projects must commence within three months of being notified that the application for funding has been successful and conclude within 6 months.

Funding is available from a minimum $5,000 (ex GST) to a maximum of $20,000 (ex GST). The total fund pool available is $90,000 (ex GST) and grant offers may be made for part of the total application. While not mandatory, grants applications with co-contributions as cash and/or in-kind are preferred.

NSW Wine Industry Partners

Upcoming Events

Fri 10 November 2023

NSW Wine Awards Presentation

Join the Governor of NSW at a lavish lunch at ICC Sydney and be amongst the first to hear which NSW wines and winemakers have been crowned the best of the best in 2023.


12 February 2024

Sydney Trade Tasting ~ Golden Wines

After first NSW Wine Sydney Trade Tasting of 2024 will take place on Monday 12th February (2.30 – 5.30pm) in a central CBD location, and will be focusing on wineries that won Gold at the 2023 NSW Wine Awards.

March to June 2024

NSW Sommelier's Wine List Awards

The next NSW Sommelier's Wine List Awards will open in March 2024. To find out more about these Awards and see who were the 2023 #nswwinestar click below.

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