Export Fund - MoU

NSW Export Fund

The 2021 Memorandum of Understanding between the NSW Government and NSW Wine Industry Association was signed in April 2021.

Included in the MoU was the plan to continue to deliver export assistance to NSW wine producers to establish them in key markets and increase their level of international competitiveness.

The NSW Government will financially support this assistance with grants totaling up to $250K.

NSW Wine allocation of grant funds by project is as follows:

$90K for NSW Wine Export Development Program, partnered with Hydra Consulting and Fullglass
$3K for Japan Rakuten Promotion, partnered with Investment NSW
$50k Ambassador Program UK and Japan
$31K for USA Market Entry Program
$15K for Australian Wine Discovered – Dedicated always-on education
$17K for UK Wine Australia Virtual Tasting – Regional Focus
$26K for Trade Magazine Advertorial
$15k Overall Project Management

Click below to see a document containing full details.

NSW Wine Export Development Program

Through this program, NSW Wine is offering heavily subsidised, expert support to help you develop your exports in the Japanese and UK markets.

This new program is suitable for both new to market and existing exporters and has been tailor-made for NSW wineries.

Australia’s leading wine export specialists

NSW Wine has engaged Hydra Consulting and Fullglass to lead this program. They have constructed a schedule of intensive 2-day workshops and one-on-one mentoring sessions. Workshops and mentoring are ideally done together but can be undertaken separately. This program is offered on a first-come-first-served basis.

2-day Workshop

This intensive 2 day workshop will be held on 15 & 17 November 2021 and 23 & 25 November 2021, participants can select which 2 days are the most convenient .

Day 1: United Kingdom  /  Day 2: Japan
Overall: Exports entry more generally
Topics covered:
Market entry / Export trends (price point/varietal/GI’s) / Market specific consumer and product trends / Sale channels and channel trends / Retail opportunities and retailer engagement / Emerging opportunities and consumer engagement / Where is on-trade going / Successful comparators / Potential partnerships / Pricing model analysis / Brand pitch refresher / Market ready presentation examples / Virtual capability development

Cost = $600 + GST per participant

Usual cost is $1,500. $900 per participant is being subsidised by NSW Wine via the NSW Wine Export Development Program.

One-on-one Mentoring

Depending on your stage in your export journey, your mentoring program will be tailored to suit. Participants will be researched in advance and you will then receive a 120 minute ‘Discovery’ session to assess your individual needs. This will be followed up with 12 x 60 minute mentoring sessions via Zoom.

Examples of session topics (starting from new to market to experienced):
Setting your export price / Finding importers / Due Diligence on importers / How to maximise your presence on Wine Connect (Wine Australia) / Refining your winning sales ‘pitch’/ Constructing a presentation for importers & retailers / Negotiating with importer-distributors-retailers / Mentoring in preparation for companies undertaking trade and distributor matching with FIAL/Austrade / Preparing for market activations / Identifying retailers and their promotional programs / Trade tasting featuring wines from a region (standard Zoom) / Trade tasting featuring wines from a region (high-end virtual activation) / On trade partnership building (Japan)/ Consumer tastings (UK) / Consumer targeted activations (Vivino, wine.com, pix.wine, Borough Markets, Vinous and more…) / Participation in Wine Australia activations / Preparing materials for state and regional EDMs and targeted social media pushes for specific activations in partnership with regions / Virtual readiness and effectiveness (website, assets, story-telling, etc) / Virtual tourism

Cost = $1,540 + GST per participant

Usual cost is $3,850. $2,310 per participant is being subsidised by NSW Wine via the NSW Wine Export Development Program

Both stages cost = $2,000 + GST per participant

NSW Wine believes wineries will gain maximum benefit from participating in both the workshop and mentoring, which is why it is offering an addition subsidy for undertaking both.

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